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    Toggle Animation / Key Frame Crash

    BGPictures Level 1

      PrP 6.0.2, Mac OS 10.8.2, 32 GB RAM, fast system, project & cache drives


      I'm working with lots of still images to create an animatic. Sometimes I want to cut from image to image and then do a "camera move" over the resulting sequence. I use oversized images when I need to zoom or pan. I would do this in my beloved After Effects or DL to AE, but we are sequencing JPGs and PNGs while cutting and re-cutting  audio preformaces on a 23 minute project... So the inability to "see" the audio edits... or conversly, to have hundreds of audio tracks in AE would make for a very hairy AEP.


      So I've tried to use PrP for editing picture and sound, and doing camera moves -- but crash, crash, crash... Here's one I can repeat... Does anyone else get this response:


      1. In a 1280 x 720 project/sequence, edit together a bunch of 2566 x 1634 PNGs

      2. Nest the PNGs

      3. Key frame position movement on the nest

      4. turn off the stop-watch (Toggle Animation)

      5. crash


      I've also been able to crash PrP by Toggling Animation on time-remapping or just random editing of key frames.


      Any thoughts?