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    Help please!! Need Acrobat 4.0 X1A


      The following does exactly what I need, EXCEPT, I need the single pages as Acrobat 4.0 x1a 1.3 PDFs. Every time I run this it changes my 1.3 PDFs to 1.6! Your help is truly appreciated!



      property Default_Path : (path to desktop folder as Unicode text) as alias



      property JavaScript : "var re = /.*\\/|\\.pdf$/ig; var filename = this.path.replace(re,''); try { for (var i = 0; i < this.numPages; i++) this.extractPages( { nStart: i, cPath: filename+'_' + (i+1) +'.pdf' }); } catch (e) { console.println('Aborted: '+e) }" as text






      set The_PDF to choose file default location Default_Path ¬



                      with prompt "Where is the multi-page PDF?" without invisibles






      tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"






                      open The_PDF



                      tell active doc



                                      do script JavaScript



                                      close saving no



                      end tell



      end tell