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    No Registry records of ID in Windows 7 (64bit) after installation

    ebenpublishing Level 1

      i moved my problem from another discussion into this new one... i don't know if it is normal, but i have just installed ID and PS from my CS5 pack, restarted the computer and checked Windows Registry (through "regedit" in command line) if there are some records of the applications. suprisingly there is only Photoshop in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under SOFTWARE and no INDESIGN. that is the same problem i had before the installation when i had had to uninstall CS5 because it hadn't worked properly and i couldn't find any records of ID in Registry as well. now it seems the reinstallation helps - ID seems to work properly but i cant find any records in Registry again.

      You guys who have ID under Windows 7 64bit, could you please check if you have some records in Windows registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under SOFTWARE? I dont think its normal that there are none