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    Getting Russell Brown's Image Processor Pro to work with an action

    juliew1589 Level 1

      I have Photoshop CS6 with Russell Brown's Image Processor Pro installed.


      I have the ongoing task of processing pics of different sizes and different width/height ratios.


      I would like to get the following result using IP Pro (in collaboration with an action):


      1. Downsize pic to 960 pixels wide (height doesn't matter, but needs to stay in ratio)

      2. Watermark pic.

      3. Save.

      4. Creating a thumbnail of 320 x 213 pixels, without distorting ratio. This may mean downsizing to 320 wide with relative height, *then* cropping via Image-Canvas Size. Chopping a bit off is preferable to me than distorting the ratio.

      5. Save the smaller version as 'Documentnamex' (i.e. adding an 'x' to the document name for the thumbnail.


      I have 1-3 in an action and have used it for years.


      But as for the task of a smaller thumbnail, kept in ratio but chopped and named with an x - I am stumped. I downloaded IP Pro for the task, but I can't get it to work.


      If I save the original with IP Pro (at step 3), how do I then get it to make the thumbnail?

      If I create the thumbnail in the action, *then* do 2 saves in IP Pro (thumbnail and 960 version), the bigger one will be pixelated (and no surprises there)


      Summary: I want 2 watermarked versions:

      1. 1234a.jpg: 960 pixels wide, height relative

      2. 1234ax.jpg: thumnail, 320 wide x 213 high


      Can anyone help? Am I asking too much of the software?