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    Chapter *.css files resetting on update

      Hello All,

      I'm currently doing a trial of the TCS. I have a small FM book that I have imported into RH. Each chapter in the book comes into RH with its own *.css file. So far so good. But, no matter what changes I make in the style mapping window, every time I update the book the chapter *.css files revert back to their original settings and I end up with mixed fonts in my topics. It seems that I can update some of the styles (mostly heading styles) in the style mapping window, but others, such as numbering styles, or styles where I used a FM character style, do not pick up the updates.

      Is there some kind of hidden master *.css that is updating the chapter *.css files? I've tried manually changing all the *.css files I can find in the project folder, including the chapter *.css files, but no matter what I do the chapter *.css files reset themselves when the book is updated.

      Does anyone have a solution for this issue?