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    Embedding video and audio for internet flipbook


      Dear All,


      first of all, sorry if it's been asked before but I could not find direct answer.


      My company, small translation agency in Poland, plans on to buy InDesign to improve quality of our output documents, but we have one more feature in mind and we don't know if InDesign CS6 supports this.


      In a movie http://tv.adobe.com/watch/cs55-design-standard-feature-tour/create-more-compelling-ebooks- with-indesign-cs55/ Terry White presents how to make an eBook with embedded video. We need a solution to create a similar effect, but the final document would be accessible from WWW (eg. http://essentialabsurdities.com/dance/ - there is no video in the example) - we want people to be able to browse content like in a book (flipbook?) and access video and audio (embedded or stored on a serwer along the document) when needed.

      Does InDesign support this? What should be the final format of such a document? Interactive PDF? SWF? Everybody says Flash is going to be retired soon (Apple does not support it, Android devices are soon to follow, the same for PCs in the nearest future probably) so we do not want to use this.


      Many thanks for your opinions on the issue.


      Best wishes,

      Michal Kornacki