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    Adobe LiveCycle Form- End result is text on top of text, WHY?


      After completing my form which I was creating, (after steps I want saved, I save it then preview to make sure everything looks fine and no problems till the very end). I hit preview and there are lines of text on top of one another in many areas of my form. It was not like this at all until the very end. I checked the scripting and it seems to be not the problem. I even sent it to another person's computer and it does the same thing.


      It is not showing this way in the Design Mode.


      I also checked to see if it were the "preview" size but that didn't appear the issue. What I do not understand is that when I print the form out, it is perfect. Can someone help me understand what is going on and solutions to solve this issue please? I am new to forms, Adobe Acrobat and LiveCycle so please provide an answer that I can understand easy.


      Here is a sample of what part of my form looks like.