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    Orpinder Level 1



      Hoping anyone can help I am currently using Livecycle Designer ES2.


      The current form has a subform which contains drop downs, notes section and price fields. These three fields are repeated 4 times each has different selections in the drop downs, different typed notes and different prices.



      drop down 1: unit a, unit b, unit c

      note 1: user typed

      price: 23.99


      drop down 2: unit a, unit b, unit c

      note 2: user typed

      price: 45.99


      and so on


      What is currently being produced is a invoice page showing all four sections regardless if there is any data in the fields which is leaving blank spaces on the invoice sheet.


      What i would like to happen is that if drop down 1 and 4 and filled in then on the invoice page it only shows those 2 one after the other with out having gaps where the other should be if filled in.


      Any help or examples would be appreciated


      Many Thanks

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          Steve Bishop Level 2

          if [whatever your condition] subForm2.presence="hidden";

          if [whatever your condition] subForm3.presence="hidden";

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            Orpinder Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            The main issue is not to do with having the forms hidden/visable


            I will try to explain better.


            On the last page i have 4 subforms which are hidden.


            Depending on the conidtions from the drop down list on the form anyone of the 4 subforms can become visble while the others remain hidden.


            The problem starts when subform 2 and 4 are visble and subform 1 and 3 are hidden. There are empty gaps where subform 1 and 3 are. But the end result should be subform 2 and 4 next to each other so there are no gaps while subform 1 and 3 remain hidden.


            Its a case of moving the subforms so that the document flows without gaps


            Hope that explains it more



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              Steve Bishop Level 2

              Is the parent of subForm1-subForm4 flowed or positioned?