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    Wide gamut monitor on Mac, worth it?

    alpshiker Level 1

      I have the need for a new monitor to be tethered to a MacBook Pro. Experiencing wide gamut images on screen is something I looked for, but after checking some reviews on recent additions, I have mixed feelings.


      Here are some conclusions I came to:


      — From what I have gathered, Apple, creator of ColorSync, still has 8 bit support only both in OS and hardware.


      — Wide gamut monitors can dispaly a more saturated image in the wide gamut Adobe RGB space even with an 8 bit path, but need the 10 bit path to have the corresponding smoother gradient.


      — Wide gamut monitors are difficult to calibrate—some require specific devices for internal hardware calibration, and some will not be able to take profit of some of their interesting features like Uniformity Control when set to a personal calibration mode.


      — If he who can do more can do less, I would take the 10 bit option anyway. But, it seems that sRGB emulation is at the cost of some gradient degradation — how bad, I don't know.



      Ok, that's for theory. But in practice, is the wide gamut image on Mac, an enjoyable experience anyway?