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    How can I enhance Sony Z5 recorded "Smooth Slomo rec" footage? Please help!!





      I need help! I used the Smooth Slomo Rec function on my Z5 and on the LCD screen it looked normal (even looked awesome)! Now in post I'm getting the scare of my life because the footage is downright crappy!:( I went online to search for a solution, but the only thing I find now is that people don't advise it and that's about it!

      Problem is I recorded some unique things abroad and there's no way of going back there to reshoot!:(



      Is there some way to polish these shots so I can use them?? Maybe some plugins or something like that?



      Please help me out, I don't know what to do with it!



      Thanks in advance!








      (As you can hopefully see on the picture there's artefacting around the bikers and also around the letters of the commercial in the back. If there's a way to solve it, I would be happy to hear it, because I really need to use this footage somehow!)

      Screenshot Smooth Slomo Rec 1.jpg