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    losing footnotes


      Hi!I have the following problem: when I import in Indesign a very long file doc, often the program loses many footnotes and puts in place a square pink. Why? How can I solve?

      Thank you


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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          Hi! Are you checking the import options option from the file place dialog window yet? That will allow you to see what you're importing and how your footnotes will appear in the InDesign doc. Most of the time, if the font that you're using in Word is not present in InDesign, then it fills the area with pink indicating that there are missing fonts. You can check more details in the Preflight panel.

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            f.desantis Level 1

            Thank you for your answer, but it's of no concern with my problem: the problem is not about fonts but about footnotes. I lose the whole text of the notes and the "pink square" appears instead in the bodytext, at the apex of the lost note. Can you help me about this?


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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Post a screenshot please.



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                f.desantis Level 1

                the pink square is where the footnote was suppose to be... bt as you can see there is no footnote inserted at the bottom of the page!

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                  PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

                  As I can see in the screenshot, the pink square next to the name Rushikesh Kirtikar represents a missing font for the Footnote. I don't know whether you checked the option that says "Show import options" while placing the word doc. If you did, then did you check the option "Footnotes" from the Import options window?

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                    f.desantis Level 1

                    Yes, I put the check on Footnotes in the import options window. In fact some footnotes are normally imported... but ther are some other footnotes (just like the one in the screenshot) that get lost! This seems to be strange and unexpected!

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                      David W. Goodrich Level 3

                      This is an old, old problem: see [Jongware]'s comment #7, among many others on these forums and elsewhere.  I encountered a new twist last fall when, under circumstances I couldn't duplicate, IDCS4 miscalculated occasional footnote numbers, seemingly at random, when exporting to PDF.



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                        f.desantis Level 1

                        Thank you David!

                        I am currently using IDCS6 and this kind of bug seems not to have been solved...

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                          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                          I am often running into this problem. I suppose it is caused by Word documents which have been saved at least once between doc and docx.

                          The problem appears as following:

                          1. Some footnotes are missing

                          2. Some footnotes appear under the wrong number.

                          3. Some footnotes exchange their psoition.

                          When I have such documents it is important to check every footnote against the original file, starting from the first to the last one.

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                            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                            David, thanks for digging that particular post up. I think it says it all.


                            I had today a variant that every now and then pops up. Not only the Missing Footnotes Syndrome, but Failure To Import as well: right after "importing" a Missing Footnote, ID *stops* importing plain text if it's followed (in the original document) by a table.

                            In this case, opening the document in Word, typing a space, then re-saving, made it come alive, as far as ID was concerned. Still got the odd missing note though, although in this case they did pop up as "Note Number" in the first footnote. Then it was just a case of finding out what should go where.

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                              It is really OUTRAGEOUS that ID still has this MAJOR problem! It is a mess if you - for work - have to make books... which by the way is exactly what ID is supposed to do properly...

                              I really don't know how such a mistake can be possibile. And moreover how is it possibile that nobody took care of it yet. Is there anybody in there?

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                                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                                Datzebaoroma, don't you know? Due to popular requests all engineers at Adobe are working exclusively on the New Dark UI.



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                                  Hello, I am currently using the Adobe Indesign CS6 and I finally figured out ways to avoid problems importing Word doc to Indesign CS6 without losing any endnotes and footnotes. There are two options you could do:

                                  1. Save the original Word to older version as Word 97-2000 doc: .doc not .docx (.docx would give you problems).
                                  2. Save the original Word as Plain Text (.txt) Of course you will lose all format, embedded graphs and charts from the original word doc. Once you import them in ID, as a Graphic Designer, you will eventually have to reformat the text, graphs and charts anyway. So it does not really matter. Option 1 is really the best solution for you. So far, it has been working fine for me.


                                  Hope it works out for you.


                                  Best regards,

                                  Anourack Chinyavong :-))