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    Can not get games to load


      I cannot get games to load on Facebook & I know it has something to do w/ flash. (I use IE 7 (64 bit) & my flash is updated to the newest version 11.6.602.168.


      I have uninstalled flash & when I did, when I was on Fb & would click on a link to help friends on games, (the games I play are Fv, Sims, Candy Crush, & Family Farm), it would load real quick. I could not play the game(s) until flash was loaded. I did go in & install flash & once I did, nothing loads. I have completely removed & reinstalled flash twice.


      I know its a problem w/ flash because i have seen/read other ppls post in reguard to the exact same issue.


      What bug needs fixed & how do I fix it?!