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    problem with merged help

    nylarising Level 1
      argggh. ok. i (thought i) followed peter grainge's merged help on a simple merged webhelp project, but am having a devil of a time producing the desired result, and updating the published files to show what's been merged (e.g., the child projects).

      the top-most level of the directory structure i'm using is called fruits. within that i have ~main and ~sub (with tildes). within ~sub
      i have two child projects: apples and oranges.

      when i publish, the resulting toc shows (repeats) the parent (what's in ~main, not the child projects), and when i look in explorer, each child project shows the same directory structure as the parent (including the mergedProjects directory). i'm using lowercase file names when i generate, and even though i've specified each, e.g., c:\fruits\testPublish\mergedProjects\apples and c:\fruits\testPublish\mergedProjects\oranges, the publishing result shows that the child server details are going to the root directory (c:\fruits\testPublish).

      what the heck? (and btw, i can't get this to work properly using peter's demo file either.) pls help correct the error of my ways.