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    RoboHELP 9 Command line option '-o' does not work


      I am working on a batch mode compilation of the help files for our system. We maintain version in CVS and build help along with our applications checking the files out into sandbox areas and using ant scripts for the automated build. I run my ant scripts and can compile the help fine using the layouts indicated for batch creation in the command line. But the output ALWAYS goes to the folder and htm file indicated in the layout. Here is an example of my ant script lines:


      <exec executable="cmd" dir="${basedir}\src\@{block}">

           <arg value="/C" />

           <arg value="RHCL" />

           <arg value="@{project}" />

           <arg value="-o ${basedir}\${binaries.dir}\@{block}\@{name}" />

           <arg value="-b" />



      Where ${basedir}\${binaries.dir}\@{block}\@{name} specifies the output directory and file. In my current tests this is "C:\CM\cm_sandbox\HEAD\apps\admacshelp\classes\block1\adamcs.htm". The layout specifies "C:\CM\cm_sandbox\HEAD\apps\admacshelp\jsp\adamcs.htm".


      This results in "RHCL project.xpj -o C:\CM\cm_sandbox\HEAD\apps\admacshelp\classes\block1\adamcs.htm -b" being executed in the command shell.


      The output ALWAYS goes to the "C:\CM\cm_sandbox\HEAD\apps\admacshelp\jsp". I am using RoboHelp version


      Any thoughts??.