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    Problem modifying checkboxes in InDesign CS6 forms

    Mead324 Level 1

      I found a similar question on the forums, but it was several months old and unfortunately didn't quite address the problem I've run into....


      Using CS6, I've created a form that includes many checkboxes. I'm creating it for another department in my company and they requested that I customize the checkboxes to make them easier to see when checked. I adjusted the states of the checkbox (normal on, click on, click off, etc.) and they seemed to function well....but only in Acrobat Pro X. When I open the PDF in Acrobat Reader XI, then the checkboxes act strangely. (Most of the end users will be using Acrobat Reader, so this is a concern.) When intially checked, the checkboxes appear modified way that I want them to. However, as soon as the user clicks somewhere else on the page, the modified checkbox reverts to the default checkbox with a tick mark in it instead.


      I'm exporting the PDF as an interactive PDF and have tried various settings. I've also experimented with creating a checkbox from scratch rather than modifying a provided checkbox. All to no avail. I'd welcome any thoughts or suggestions anyone may have. Hoping I've just missed a step in the process!


      Here are links to my original CS6 InDesign document and the PDF: