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    Issues with encoding in AME vs. PP CS 6 ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I have an .avi file with SD 720x480i LFF 29.97fps .9091 originally edited from miniDV material.  If I place that clip in an 1080i sequence and export with the H.264 Blu-ray format 1080i UFF 29.97fps and select multiplexing to produce an .m2t file and export it plays fine on my PC and my PS3.  I tried as-is and also another variant with scale to frame.   However, if I pull that same file into AME, select the the same format and match the same preset settings, then export a .m2t that resultant file plays ok, but on my PS3 there is no audio and video has this weird stutter effect over the whole frame.   (The same thing happens if I start with a .mpeg format file with the same video characteristics.)


      Please ignore the why are you putting SD into HD, etc. topic, that's not the point and I can go into the details if really necessary.   What I'm confused about is why I'm getting different results.   Is there some sort of magic that is occuring dropping into a 1080i sequence first before exporting out of PP CS6?   Or something else that I need to do in AME?


      PS The reason I'm asking is I that have 57 files covering twelve years of home video I was hoping to batch convert to the above format for primary playback on PS3, PC secondary, without discs.