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    Converted RH8 to RH10 and cannot fix CSS List Styles


      Sorry for reposting but I am getting an error on the page and cannot reply.


      I have reviewed this document - http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/lists/Make_CSS_list%20styles_work_RH8.pdf.

      The document talks about how HTML code from RH8 uses li class and class but it no longer works in RH10.

      "The quick and dirty way to fix things is to tick the Convert HTML Edited Topics to HTML option. In most cases that will correct things in IE." How do you do that?


      If there is not a simple answer, then I will have to recreate the entire project (529 pages / 1498 images and multitudes of links) from scratch. Right now, I cannot even open the original backup copy of the file with RH 8 anymore.