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    Edge Animate Program missing scroll bars




      I've been having a issue with some Edge files for awhile now, and I havn't been able to fix it.


      We use Edge for animations in apps, so we use over a dozen indivusal files for the diffrent pages in the app.  The issue I'm having is that a few of these files, when I open up the Edge program, don't have scroll bars.  I can still move around dragging the mouse around, but some screens are full of objects so it's not always practical.  This makes it very awkward when I need to zoom in and have to deal with the aniamtion timeline.


      We started building many of these pages early last year, but I'm not sure what version of the beta we were using.   So each time a new verison came out, we updated those files to the new ones.  I always assumed that some early bug in the program, mixed in with the complexity of some of these files and constantly updating to new verisons, accidently broke something.


      Is there a way to get these scroll bars back?  I searched all over the options, but no luck,