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    Output new filenames with incremental numbers


      Disclaimer: I'm new at doing any JS in Acrobat.  What I am trying to accomplish is to extract the first page from a large group of PDF's.  I then want those to be saved as new files in a separate folder with new filenames, preferably incremental starting from 0001.  Below is my code , which only names the new files the same as the original.  A bonus would be if I could then write into the script something that combines all of those single page PDF's into one large PDF.  I know I can do that by using the Combine Files feature but if I could automate that as part of my Action it would be nice.


      /* Extract First Page */

      var oNewDoc=this.extractPages(0)

      var oFlName=this.documentFileName

      var oPath="/C/Extracted/" +  oFlName