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    Choppy playback and rediculously long render time in CS5.5


      I am editing an hour clip filmed on panasonic tm900 camera at 1080p 29.97fps. I converted the .mts file to .mov with clipwrap before importing into PP. Scrubbing through the timeline is slow but playback is rediculous. Plays a few seconds the freezes, playing a few seconds here and there with audio playing fully. When I go to render the project at 720p for a 57 min clip it takes 8 hrs. Tried exporting as mpeg2 and h.264 and same for both. I know the HD file is the reason bc dealing with SD is fine. Think my computer is powerful enough so have no idea what it is. Any suggestions? Thanks


      Computer Specs


      Early 2009 Mac Pro

      Processor. 2x 2.93 ghz quad core Intel Xeon

      Memory. 24 gb 1066 MHz ddr3

      Graphics. Nvidia GeForce gtx285 1024mb

      OSX 10.8.2