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    Mkes new Folder

    TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

      Recently it seems that PE11 is generating a new subfolder to a folder were we have some project templates stored.

      We use these templates as a starting point to generate projects that have many media assets in comon.


      We would normally open the template project and then Save As to a new location. After editing is complete we publish the project as an MPG. Somehow this process seems to generate a subfolder to the original Template folder were we started from.


      Does that seem  like something that you would expect?

      If so, how can we avoid creating those folders?


      Thanks in Advance!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I am moving this post from the Tip & Tricks sub-forum, which is basically a repository of articles on how things are done in Premiere, to the main forum, where many more will see it, and can comment.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Can you be a little more specific? What is the name of the folder it creates -- and does it create it in the same folder where you're storing your project folder or in another location?


            The program must create certain folders and files (auto-saves, renders, etc) as part of its working process.

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              TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

              Thanks for your response.


              Unfortunately I will not be able to double check the details for a week.

              But my best memory is that PR11 was generating a sub folder with the new project name to our original source folder.


              In hope to describe this more specifically.


              BEFORE D:\Templates open file "Template 1.prel". Then Save As to xyz.prel in D:\projects. Encoded file generated to D:\Encoded Files\ XYZ.mpg


              AFTER edit and export. Now find the following

              D:\Templates\XYZ.prel\Encoded Files\  which are the two newly created Subfiles to our original Folder

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                TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

                I will attach a screenshot of the problem. It shows a new folder "Encoded Files" (Highlighted in blue) which was generated by PE11. When you attempt to open that folder it responds that the folder is empty.


                To reiterate our working prel file was in a sub-file to a D:\"Projects" folder (Not shown). When we publish,  the output file is generated in the "Encoded Files" folder that is the parent of the new folder. In this case the name of the Sub-folder "Spotlight020513polish" was the name assigned for the output mpg file from the encoder.


                It does not seem that the process is consistant. If it is the result of something we are doing we are not aware of what that could be.


                Encoded Files.jpg

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  When one does a Publish/Share, they have the opportunity to direct the Encoded files to the HDD/folder of their choice.


                  I would suspect that at some time in the past, a Publish/Share action was directed to D:\Video Files.


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Here is a look at that destination location (in this case for the Export/Share/Publish of an AVI):


                    What is set for the destination HDD and folder in your Export/Share/Publish settings?


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                      TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

                      Thanks again.


                      Since the effect does not seem to be consistant, and we have several relatively inexperienced people using the system, you are probably correct.


                      The program does have many features that are not easily found and that was what I was looking for if it was of that nature.