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    Printing issues




      I am currently finishing up designing my portfolio in InDesign. As I am making some test prints, I am noticing that, when I select the same media type and ICC profile that are normally the optimum for the paper I am printing on, the reds in the prints are incorrect (way too dark). When I print the same colors through Photoshop (again, using the same printer/ color settings), the colors are printed correctly. So, I exported the pages as various different formats (jpg, png, esp) from InDesign and imported them into Photoshop (and once, just to check, also in Illustrator) and when I print it then, the colors indeed come out fine. But, depending on the file format, the prints no longer have white backgrounds (as they are supposed to be, and in Photoshop still are). When printing an exported jpg file through photoshop, for example, there is the slightest brown/ cream tint where there should be white. It is hardly noticable if not held under the right light, but since this is my portfolio, I really don't want that to happen. Does anyone have any idea what is happening and how I can prevent these issues?


      Thanks in advance.


      InDesign Print Settings (Color Management):

      Color Handling: Let InDesign Determine Colors (only available option)

      Printer Profile: Canon PRO-100 <SG> 3 Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss


      Document: Mixed RGB & CMYK profiles