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    using xml within thumbnail gallery

      I'm creating a portfolio of websites I have designed.
      I have it working with classic ASP & XML, but want a Flash version too.

      So far:

      1) I have a sliding thumbnail gallery working in Flash MX (using AS2) whereby clicking on thumbnails loads in a larger view of the image. These images are screenshots of the websites.

      2) I have loaded an xml file which contains locations of thumbnails & larger images, as well as URL of each website, and some text to describe each site's content. I am able to loop through the xml to retrieve the data I need for each site.

      I would now like to merge the 2.
      i.e. click on thumbnail to slide in the larger image, and dynamically add the URL and text descriptions for each site.

      Can someone just point me in the right direction... I'll then try to fill in the blanks, and post again with more specific queries if needed.