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    .MTS files no sound

    minnow68a Level 1

      We use Premiere Pro to edit .MTS files.  We have constantly experienced problems with Premiere Pro not importing sound.  Usually, updating everything (not just Premiere Pro) will solve this.  We currently have one machine were nothing is working, and right this second, we are deleting Premiere Pro to reinstall and try it again.


        This nonsense of constantly battling to get Premiere Pro to import sound has been going on for months.  Why is this such a horrible ongoing battle?  Is there something we can do?

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved from the Creative Cloud to the Premiere Pro forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            minnow68a Level 1

            BTW, for people battling this, things that have worked for us include:


            1) Update Premiere Pro.


            if that fails...


            2) Update every Adobe product.


            if that fails...


            3) Rename file from .mts to .m2ts


            if that fails...


            4) Uninstall all Adobe software, run creative suite cleaner, reinstall.


              So far, one of the above has always worked.  We do have one machine, that despite a full uninstall, running of creative suite cleaner, and full reinstall, can still only import sound if the file is renamed to .m2ts.


              Come on Adobe, none of these should be needed.  From reading the forums here and elsewhere, it is clear this has been a problem for over a year.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The two most common causes of a loss of Audio in MTS files is that the Conforming process was not allowed to complete - can result in no Audio, or truncated Audio, and not Copying the full folder structure (not just the media files), from the memory card.


              If you have insured that Conforming HAS completed 100%, and have Copied the full folder structure, then something else is amiss.


              Good luck,



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                minnow68a Level 1

                  You wrote "The two most common causes of a loss of Audio in MTS files is that the Conforming process was not allowed to complete - can result in no Audio, or truncated Audio, and not Copying the full folder structure (not just the media files), from the memory card."


                  How updating Premiere Pro (the most common fix we have) fix this?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  For those two causes, it is not the program, that is faulting, but either a poor workflow, or impatience, that is the cause. If the cause is incomplete Conforming, then I would Delete the Assets, clean the Media Cache, and Reimport those Assets, allowing the Conforming to complete. If the cause is a lack of the full folder structure, then I would Copy that full folder structure to the HDD, from the card, Delete the Assets, clean the Media Cache and Reimport again.


                  Now, if neither of those suggestions fix things, perhaps the cause is something else, and could well be either program-specific, or Asset-specific.


                  The Uninstall/run the CS Cleaner several times, rebooting between each run/Reinstall is sort of a "last resort," though has been known to fix some issues.


                  Good luck,



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                    minnow68a Level 1

                    You wrote "For those two causes, it is not the program, that is faulting, but either a poor workflow, or impatience, that is the cause."


                      Perhaps we do have a poor workflow.  What we do works with every other piece of video software we've ever tried though, only Premiere Pro has this issue.  So  we don't know what is wrong with our workflow, and Premiere Pro is giving us no idea what is wrong.  PP just silently fails.


                    As far as impatience, we tell Premiere Pro to import something, and it shows up.  How long should we wait before we declare that the process is broken and sound is not going to show up?  Again, the software tells us nothing.


                      It seems to me that the fundamental issues here is that there is no way for us to tell what is wrong.  Perhaps it is conforming.  I'd love to be able to tell PP, here is a directory full of videos.  Please go through whatever process you need to go through to be able to work with them, and let me know when that is done.  Is that possible?  If so, how?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      The question of "how long should we wait," is shown by a progress bar, during the Conforming stage of the Import operation. When it disappears, then Conforming should be complete. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4330843#4330843


                      As far as the workflow, exactly how are you handling the folders and files from your card? Are you Copying over the entire folder structure, or just the media files, themselves? Please give us the full details of how you are transfering the files from the card(s), to your HDD, as that will likely tell part of the story.


                      Good luck,



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                        Allynn Wilkinson Level 2


                        I had a similar problem yesterday where I imported about 30 short to longish clips (3 minutes to 30 minutes) and some of them had no audio.  I wasn't in a rush so I deleted all the clips from the project and re-imported them.  When I did this the conforming bar **never** started.  I thought it might be because the project "remembered" them somehow so I started a brand new project and imported the clips.  Still no audio in some of them and I'm positive all the clips actually have audio


                        I am *religious* about copying the entire folder structure (I drive my co-workers nuts about it) and I usually just import clips through Media Browser and walk away for awhile so the conform bar will finish.  What is particularly odd is that most of my work is long-format (1 hour+) and I never have this problem with long spanned clips.  I have had it a couple of times before and always with short clips.  It's never all the clips.  Just a random couple here and there.  Any ideas?


                        Camera is a Canon Vixia H300

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                          minnow68a Level 1

                            As far as transfering files from the card, we've tried two things.  Just copying the .MTS files, and doing a copy paste of the entire directory structure.


                            Premiere Pro does seem to do slightly better when we copy the entire structure.  However,  Premiere Pro still can't import the sound when using file-import.  If we use the media browser, it will import sound, but media browser only sees about half the files that are actually there!


                            I've done quite a bit of googling on this, and this really appears to be a "glass jaw" issue for Premiere Pro.  Hopefully Adobe will figure this out some day.


                            For now, the only thing that works for sure is to use a different program to convert to another video format.  That's working with a 100% success rate.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            media browser only sees about half the files that are actually there!


                            That's normal.  Often a clip will take up multiple files, due to the FAT32 limitations on the SD cards.  Media Browser shows you the first file from that group, but does properly bring in all the video.


                            So if a clip takes up file 05, 06 and 07, MB will only show you 05, then go on to 08.  That's because files 06 and 07 are actually part of clip 05.  So MB brings in all three as a single clip.

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                              Lisa01707 Level 1

                              ok why has no one mention VLC media player???????   I converted my MTS files using this and it worked!    Dont worry about re installing and all the other garbage coz I have tried it all.  Use VLC and all good

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                                Wizarddamacumba Level 1

                                Its a media player or a  converter ? How did you converted the files ? I am having the same problem ...


                                Yf somebody here please take a look at this > http://forums.adobe.com/message/5291123#5291123

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                                  BenjyBeatzEntertainment Level 1

                                  thanks this seems like the most reasonable fix yet, adobe needs to step their **** up

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                                    Arifioso Level 1

                                    I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro cs 6. Well, i was experiencing the same problem as you are. I don't know if this would work for you, but i just rename the extension of the files .MTS to .AVI and use Media Browser to locate the files and import them. The Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6 recognises both video and audio.


                                    Remember, I just changed the extension .MTS to .AVI.

                                    Let me know if it works for you.


                                    Good Luck.

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                                      Fly Paper Sky Level 1

                                      I tried Adobe Encoder, no audio. Tried VLC, keeps crashing. I found another forum recommend using Handbrake, so I tried.


                                      Now, I use Handbrake. My only choice is MP4 there. On Presets pull out tab, I choose - Regular/Normal, so I get correct output dimension same as source. My video setting: H264; framerate same as source; constant framerate; 20,000 kbps; 2-pass encoding. Audio setting: Auto Passthru. It saves the file as an MP4.


                                      Then I open it with Quicktime 7 and export to 422 HQ for editing in FCP 7.


                                      If you only have Quicktime 10 that came with OS X latest versions, use it. Export to 1080p. You will get a usable H264 MOV like from DSLR.

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                                        Dean of Photographers Level 1

                                        Hello Fellow Premier Pro Users.  I have found a simple fix to MTS files that all of sudden loose their audio.  I spent three hours on the phone yesterday with Adobe Support and the individual could not figure out a fix.  He recommend I create a "Watch Folder" and set the format to Quicktime and H.264. Then import the impacted clips into the project where the audio is missing.   I actually never gave this a try because I found a much simpler method to handle this annoying problem.  Please see below.


                                        What I found extremely interestting was the original import from the video card had audio but the imported clips somehow lost their audio.  This did not make any sense.  Here is the successful pathway I discovered:  Before taking the steps below, clear the media cache.


                                        1) Copy from the original import from the video card the impacted clips, i.e., those that lost their audio.  Copy both the MTS clip and the corresponding XMP file

                                        2) Paste them into a different folder than the folder used for the orginal import of the clips prior to losing audio.  I called this new folder "Changed MTS."  In my sequence there were 24 clips that lost their audio which I copied. 

                                        3) Go back into Premier Pro, open the involved sequence, select the clips in the Project Folder that have lost their audio and then select "Link Media."  The secret is to Link the involved clips with the new copies you created of each clip, i.e., I selected the clips I pasted into the folder "Changed MTS.


                                        Guess what?  It worked perfectly.  These clips recovered the lost audio.  Be aware....give them time to conform.  Premier Pro sees the link as new media that needs to be conformed.  Do no interupt this process. 


                                        Here is my thought on what happens when all of a sudden the MTS files lose audio.  The original clip imported becomes corrupt for some unknown reason,  Even if you link this corrupt clip with the original clip from the video card, it will not work.  You must copy the impacted original clips and place them into a new folder and then link them.  I believe this is successful because Premier sees them as a new clip and therefore goes through the conforming process. 


                                        A very simple fix to a problem that I spent hours with Adobe support tyring to fiqure out with no positive result.  If you lose audio all of a sudden in your sequence involving MTS clips, just copy the impacted original clips from video card and place them into a new folder.  Remember to include the XMP file.  Link the clips in Premier Pro with the copied clips and allow the conforming process to complete.  It took me exactly 5 minutes to handle 24 clips that lost audio in my sequence.


                                        Hope this helps solve your problem with MTS clips with audio missing.  Hope Adobe figures out why the clips become corrupt.

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                                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                                          The easier, and perhaps better way, is to simply rename the folder you have the media in. Not the PRIVATE folder, but the one above that.


                                          Combined with a cache clearing, this will force PP to see the media as new, and treat it as such.  This has the advantage of not breaking the folder structure of the media, which can cause issues in some cases.

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                                            Dean of Photographers Level 1

                                            Hey Jim:


                                            Thank you for the feedback.  I assume you are referring to the folder which contains the imported files using Media Browser.  I agree this would be simpler.  Have not tried it to see if it works.  If it does, please let the folks know at Adobe Premier Pro support about this easy fix.  This will avoid a lot of hours being wasted trying to figure out a simple solution.  Any thoughts on what causes these clips to loose their audio?  Will Adobe have a fix to this issue in the near future?  Thanks.


                                            Dean Brown

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                                              Jim_Simon Level 8

                                              I've no contact within Adobe Support.  I also don't know why things go wonky.  I just know that it happened to me and how I fixed it.

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                                                emallove Level 1

                                                I've run into this problem with locked audio tracks.   When audio tracks are locked, the video appers to import without it's associated linked audio.  Unlocking the audio tracks remedies the problem - as shown in this screen cast: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c2VYYjn1RF.


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                                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                  That's not a problem, that's the normal and desired behavior.  Locking a track means no changes whatsoever can be made.


                                                  It'd be a poor 'lock' that allowed you to insert clips, which is a change.

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                                                    Mariano Puppo Level 1

                                                    Same problem here, the way I fixed my project was:

                                                    -  cleaning media cache

                                                    - quit premiere

                                                    - open back the project

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                                                      lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                      I have the Canon G30.  The camera comes with a CD which contains a program called "Data Import Utility".  First, you need to install that program.  You probably were doing what I was doing and taking the memory card out of the camera.  Do not do that, leave the card in the camera.  These files need to be processed INSIDE the camera and then transferred into your computer.  So plug the camera into the wall, now turn on the camera in playback mode, next plug the camera into the USB slot on your computer with the cord provided with your camera.  The camera will ask you which memory slot ( a or b) you want to transfer the files from.  Next, open the program you installed.  It will give your step by step (very simple) instructions how to transfer the files.  You won't get all those folders that you usually get when you try to take the files off the actual card.  You'll just get the mts files ready to be used.  These files will play with sound in Premiere and also Windows Live Movie Maker as well as Windows Media Player.  It took me weeks to try and figure out why these files had no sound and finally called Canon and got the instructions I just gave you.

                                                      Good luck and let me know if this helped you out.



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                                                        Level 1

                                                        Convert MTS clips into another format for Adobe Premiere Pro and relink against the transcoded version. It will get the audio back into Premiere. Might be a bit time consuming but it works.


                                                        http://movies-videos-convert-tips.overblog.com/importing-mts-avchd-files-to-premiere-pro-f or-editing-smoothly

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                                                          lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                          I have been converting to mp4 and clips look and sound fine.  But now the video is choppy.  If I stop it and start again then it smoothes out for about 10 seconds but becomes choppy after that.  Audio is great and never affected.  HELP 


                                                          Any suggestions appreciated.




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                                                            chrisrole Level 1

                                                            I think converting MTS to MPEG-2 format would be better. As MP4, MOV, etc container format is not ideal for editing due to their complicated video, audio codecs...

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                                                              lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                              Thanks very much for the reply.  I tried that program and it turns out it's

                                                              not free unfortunately.  I downloaded and tried the trial version but never

                                                              found the Mpeg 2 format.  Actually what worked for me (kind of round about)

                                                              was to use a true free program called Handbrake.  It converts my .mts files

                                                              to mp4. The sound works fine but the video is still choppy.  So if I import

                                                              those files into Premiere and save the project as an MP4 file.  Then import

                                                              THAT file into Premiere and smooth as glass in all respects!







                                                              On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 12:16 AM, chrisrole <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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                                                                simardp Level 1

                                                                Another solution I've found is to extract the audio track from the video using Adobe Audition.


                                                                Drag the video into Audition. It will extract the audio so it can be edited. Then simply save the newly extracted audio file as any audio format you like (eg WAV). Load the MTS video file and the new audio file into your Premiere project, drop them both into your time line and then link them.


                                                                I find this faster than encoding the video into another format.



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                                                                  Dowsky Level 1

                                                                  I've solved this by unlinking and relinking the files through the menu options "Make Offline" then "Link Media".

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                                                                    jstrawn Adobe Employee

                                                                    There are some good suggestions on here, and I will add a reminder for people to use the Media Browser to import media (as opposed to the import dialog) with potentially folder-dependent formats like MTS.


                                                                    By "folder-dependent" I mean the video may be in one directory and the audio may be a sidecar file in a separate directory. So if you're importing the video directly it may not see the audio. The media browser is smarter than the import dialog so it usually knows how to access and import the entirety of the media in a single import. MTS files are not always folder dependent (in fact in most of my own media, they're not) but they can be so it;s good to use the Media Browser when in doubt.... and that would go for most other formats as well.

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                                                                      max0517 Level 1

                                                                      Hope your problem has been solved, but I am gonna still post here , since this thread has many people have similar probpem. I will post here about how I deal wiht this kind of problem. First , I just go to the google and find a free converter called Hnadbrake, it woked fine until recently. Then I think this free one may not handle my mts files better, then I find some paid one to convert my mts files. And I donwload it from Download .com . Also I use it do deal with my other video files with different foramt. I like the Adobe premiere, but sometimes it may take me sometime to do the prework before I can edit my videos. So I got FCP and PP at the same Mac.

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                                                                        lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                                        I have Handbrake and when I convert the files to MP4 the sound works fine

                                                                        but the audio is choppy.  So the only solution is to put the MP4 files back

                                                                        into Premiere and export that video as an mp4 again and then it's

                                                                        editable.  What a pain in the rear end to have to do all this just to edit

                                                                        your video!!!!!!!  There must be a better way.






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                                                                          max0517 Level 1

                                                                          Well, I used this Handbrake before and I am exactly know what you are talking about. The output quality may not alwasy as I expected when it produced from Handbrake , so I just turn to some paid apps to help me. You may try to find some paid one to solve your problem. I am stastified with the one I used now. You can have a try. Good luck

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                                                                            Dowsky Level 1

                                                                            Hi Les, have you tried simply unlinking and relinking the files through the menu options "Make Offline" then "Link Media"? This worked for me.

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                                                                              lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                                              Hi Dowsky,


                                                                              How do I do that? Do I import the mts file first and then where is "Make

                                                                              Off line"?  And where is link media.  What does this actually do??


                                                                              If this works I would owe you big time.  I've struggled with this for







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                                                                                Dowsky Level 1

                                                                                Select the troubled .MTS files in your project.

                                                                                Go to File -> Make Offline ... Choose the default "Media Files Remain on Disk" and click OK.

                                                                                Then, with those same files selected, go to File -> Link Media, locate them and click OK.

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                                                                                  lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                                                  Can't find File/make offline??  I'm using PP CS6






                                                                                  • 38. Re: .MTS files no sound
                                                                                    lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                                                    Figured out how to do that but still no sound.






                                                                                    • 39. Re: .MTS files no sound
                                                                                      lesphoto65 Level 1

                                                                                      I'm ready to give up on Premiere and try another editing program.  Maybe

                                                                                      Sony Vegas ??  I hate learning new software but I just can't seem to get

                                                                                      anywhere after months of being patient.






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