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    Starting fm8 produces: Internal Error: 8004, 7074840, 7076383, 6297905


      Hi folks, I know fm8 is OLD, we have fm11 in plan for this year...   That said, I have one colleague who can no longer launch fm8, its abends with the subject error msg.   I search around and found talk about the user.dct file.   Unfortunately she does not have that file.   We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck.   I have vague recollections of a simliar problem a few years back where I thought the solution was renaming a folder that fm recreated at startup - was it linguistics or something like that?   Bottom line, help!  Please?:)  Additional info - she was messing around with printer drivers yesterday, however I had her set her default driver to adobe pdf...   Any ideas?