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    Character panel blank


      Hey everyone,

      My charecter panel on CS4 has gone completely blank there are no options being displayed let alone available.


      Also on the text options the increase and decrease text size buttons aren't clickable. I have to manually enter the size.


      I've tried shutting down my computer and installing updates but no joy.


      If anyones had the same problem I'd be really grateful for some help.






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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You probably need to replace your prefs. See Replace Your Preferences


          If that doesn't solve it, come back and tell us what your OS is.

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            mckayk_777 Level 2

            I find Replacing Your Preferences a real pain.

            My pages panel was not working recently and to fix it I went to a old drive which had ID4 installed on and in that directory:

            Applications>Adobe InDesign CS4>Plug-Ins>Layout

            Found a file called:

            Pages Panel.inDesignPlugin

            This file I copied to the current drive to the same location and replaced the exciting file while InDesign was closed.

            I then restarted InDesign and yay it worked.

            Now this may or may not be an ideal way of doing thing, and would love some feedback of the pro and cons of it all but for now InDesign has all its panels working again.


            Happy InDesigning all