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    InDesign Middle Eastern: Hebrew vowels under resh and dalet. Accents collide with vowels

    Pere Casanellas

      I am using InDesign CS3 Middle Eastern. When importing Hebrew text from Microsoft Word formated with quality fonts such as SBL Hebrew, I have two problems:


      1. Vowels under the letters resh and dalet do not appear under the vertical stroke of the letter but centered in the middle of the letter width. In Microsoft Word they appear in the right position, just under the vertical stroke of the consonants. See the image.

      2. Accents (cantillation) appear in some cases on the vowels (mixed with the vowel); the OpenType features that make the vowel move to the right to allow enough space for the accent do not work. See the image.





      Please, could anybody tell me, whether these problems have been solved in later versions of InDesign Middle Eastern?