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    Why, when I place an image, is the box blank?


      In ID 5.5, I've got a document into which I'm trying to place a small image. I do File > Place, select the file (I've tried both .ai and .psd formats), then click in my open doc and move the highlighted image box to the proper location. As soon as I let go of the box, the image disappears, leaving only the highlighted bounding box. And then even that disappears.


      I've tried playing with the layers, but haven't been able to solve it. (Just to clarify, if a particular layer is highlighted, then File > Place should result in the image winding up on that layer, right?)


      Also, the circular "handle" for moving the image around is quite a way from the actual image/bounding box. Why is that? (I'm not a complete noob, but there's a lot to learn here.)


      TIA for any assistance the collective wisdom can give me.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It sounds like maybe you are putting a large image into a small frame and only seeing the upper left corner, which happens to be transparent or white. What do you see if you click inside the frame with the direct select tool (white arrow)?

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            zenmom042 Level 1

            Dear Peter,


            Thanks for your reply. When I went back into InDesign this morning to check out your suggestion, I did File > Place again and *this* time it worked perfectly. Go figure. I'm sure I'll be back soon with another question as I work through this book cover project.


            My greater frustration this morning was the 10 minutes it took to figure out how to sign in to this forum! There are a few user interface issues with it, I think.


            Anyway, thanks for your answer.