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    Flex Newbie - stupid question

      Good Day,

      In Visual Basic, i can have 1,000 forms, 2,000 forms, doesn't matter.
      In HTML these are 'pages'. Again, i can have any number.

      I am not seeing how... in Flex, I can go from a page (form) to another page(form).

      I'm a stupid caveman who is having trouble advancing past this simple concept.

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          peterent Level 2
          Flex introduces a new concept where you don't go to different pages. Flex has forms (see the <mx:Form> container). I would say the Flex equivalent to "pages" can be achieved with a ViewStack (see <mx:ViewStack> navigator container).

          Take the classic online store example. In an HTML application you would go a page that has items to purchase. You'd pick Add to Cart and the page would refresh, showing your cart's contents and a link to continue shopping. In Flex, your cart would be a panel on the side of the screen and the catalog a List in the middle. You could either drag items from the catalog onto the cart area (probably a DataGrid) or click an Add to Cart button. But you wouldn't get a page refresh. It would be quick and smooth. When you check out, the catalog would slide out of the way and your cart would expand to allow you to enter your shipping address, credit card information, etc. to complete the shopping experience.

          With a complex application however, you should design your application using Flex Modules. This allows you to download only those parts the user wants. For example, you might be writing an insurance application with many types of forms. Each time soneone uses the application, only a handful of forms would be needed. Instead of loading up your 1,000 forms into the browser (which would take some time) you load only those the user requests.