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    Changing the default font in Adobe

    beckmill Level 1

      I am beside myself with Acrobat. Somehow the default font in my Acrobat IX Professional got switched to something called 'Minion-Regular'. That's an AWFUL font. I have no idea how it became the default, except that it started happening a few days ago. How can I change this god-awful font to something that's readable - Arial, Verdana, etc. A sans-serif font is what I need. This minion thing is atrocious. Thanks in advance for help from anyone. I'm at my wits' end with Acrobat. Absolutely at my wits' end.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Please explain exactly what you mean by "default font". Asking because there actually lots and lots of places a font is chosen. Step by step, how do you get to the point of seeing this font?

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            beckmill Level 1

            Thank you for being willing to help. I really appreciate it.


            When I export something from Word to Acrobat, or even when I download a PDF from the internet, I get a font that's called 'Minion-Regular'. It's a horrific font. And I'd've never known how to find it myself, except that I did some googling and learned that if I used the 'TouchUp Text' tool, and selected 'Properties', that I'd be able to change the font. That's when I saw 'Minion-Regular'. It's a truly dreadful font, and I have no idea why everything that I now either print to PDF or download in PDF shows up on my screen in this nearly unreadable (for my 69-year-old eyes) font.


            So, step-by-step, with an open Acrobat document on my screen, here's how I get there:


            1. Alt+T (Tools)
            2. A (Advanced Editing)
            3. X (TouchUp TeXt Tool)
            4. Use your cursor to select a block of text in the document on your screen
            5. Right-click inside what you've selected and choose Properties
            6. Choose the Text tab - font is there in the Font drop-down


            Hope this helps. Thanks again for asking me for details. I really appreciate it.


            Warren Miller

            Lexington, Virginia


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              Bill@VT Level 7

              First, open one of the PDFs you are having problems with and use ctrl-D to get to the document properties and check the fonts tab. If it is a well created PDF, the fonts will be listed as embedded, and most likely subset. When they are not embedded, Acrobat tries to select a font that is closest to that which was used. I think some versions of WORD have changed to the Minion font that you are talking about. I prefer Times Roman (or new roman on Windows) and Arial (Helvetica on a MAC is basic equaivalent). WORD has started changing to new fonts that they think everyone wants. A lot of folks I know initially go into WORD and change a lot of the defaults that are annoying.


              Anyway, check the fonts in the file and see if the Minion font is listed. If so, Acrobat is simply giving you what the author used, even if you do not like it. Since you are using the touchup text tool and are finding Minion listed there, I assume that the author used that font and it was not an issue of a default in Acrobat.

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                Phillip M Jones Level 4

                I added Minion as it wasn't on my omputer I like the font myself. In 2011 (OfficeMac)  there are two fonts that are default for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They are Calibri, and Cambria.


                My personal preference for Word Documents is ITC Benguiat.

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                  beckmill Level 1

                  Dear Bill--


                  Thank you for trying to help me. I didn't know about the Ctrl+D command, so that's good to know.


                  The problem is this: When you write, "Acrobat is simply giving you what the author used, etc.", you're missing a little something that I thought I included in my initial post: I AM THE AUTHOR. I've never heard of Minion, I don't use Minion, and, above, all, I CAN'T STAND MINION. So, when I saved to PDF a Word document that was in Arial, I got this god-awful font, Minion, in the PDF version. That's crazy. But that's just one more reason why I HATE Adobe. Unfortunately, there's no thing else to compete with it inside Word, or else I'd sure use it.


                  Worse, when I open the same 'Minion document' on a different workstation with its own Adobe Acrobat, the font that comes up is, you guessed it, Arial. Clearly the problem is in my version of Acrobat. I infer that there must be a default font setting somewhere because I sure as h*** didn't, don't, and would NEVER use this ugly font.


                  Therefore, what I'm getting in Acrobat is not what 'the author used' because I am he.


                  Any other ideas, sir??


                  Thanks in advance for your help. Despite my frustration and my utter contempt for Adobe, I do appreciate your assistance.



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                    Bill@VT Level 7

                    On the font tab, are all the fonts embedded in the PDF? Would it be possible to post a copy of sample WORD and resultant PDF documents that demonstrate the point (can be posted at Acrobat.com if needed -- attachments were removed a few years back because of security). If we can look at the details it might be possible to get closer. I am assuming that the fonts are not embedded. Also, what job settings were used when you created the PDF (with Acrobat) -- listed in the printer properties? I understand you used AA9, but is that 9.0 or 9.5.3 that is the latest? What is the exact process you are using to create the PDFs.


                    Age should not be the issue, I am just a few years behind you and I do understand the eye problem, though I fortunately have not had bad eye problems most of my life (I do hate those web sites with dark backgrounds and light yellow print letters!).

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                      I have the same problem and it's driving me mad.  In my case, though, I am editing a PDF made from a file (probably InDesign). I do not have access to the original document.


                      So when I click, Edit, Edit Images and Text, and click into a text box to change the contents, the font in the box (even if embedded) is changed to Minion Pro.  It's Futura, it's embedded, and it's SANS-FREAKING-SERIF, and Acrobat wants to change it to this worthless serif font in a different size.  I wind up right clicking the box and taking it into illustrator. I can make the change there, but it's a waste of time and it shouldn't be necessary.


                      I have poked around everywhere in the document, in the registry and in the application, and can find no place to substitute this useless font for something I can at least live with.


                      This is Acrobat XI Pro (11.0.3) in Windows 7, 64-bit. Help!

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                        neilb69570407 Level 1

                        Just to add to this, this seems to be the case across all of Adobe products.


                        I add a new text box in After Effects, and it defaults to Minion Pro.

                        I add a new text graphic in Premiere, and it defaults to Minion Pro.


                        I would definitely like to change the default font.

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                          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          In Adobe Acrobat DC you can specify the default font.

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                            gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

                            Hi Beckmill,


                            There are (at least) two different areas where you can set the default font for Acrobat. At least these are the two different ones I know of.


                            First, check out this: Change default font for fallback in PDF editing and Add Text


                            2nd, if you go to Preferences, the top one is "Commenting." The first option in that tab is the preferred font for Commenting.


                            Please let us know if this solves your problem.