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    move in an action

    genenphotos Level 1

      I have two documents open, both flat (1-layer). Let's call them A and B, with A in the foreground.  While recording an action, I bring B to the foreground and see "Select previous document" in the action pane, then select the move tool, and hold down the shift key to drag B onto A and center it.  The action shows "Select next document", as it should.  But the move isn't recorded.  The history shows a drag took place, but it's not in the action.  I've tried this by following the drag with other recordable commands, but the drag isn't recorded.  Not using shift-drag doesn't make any difference, either.  Aren't move tool steps recordable in an action?


      Running CS6 Extended  13.0.4 on a Mac Pro, OSX 10.8.2.