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    How to replace one symbol with another?


      I have a symbol with some very basic animations. I would like to set conditions upon which one symbol is swapped out for a symbol in a library. Each symbol is the same size, but so far I can't seem to get this right. I've attempted createChildSymbol but nothing really works.  I've got it set up as:



      My Stage:

      • container0
        • container (rectangle)
      • container1
        • container (rectangle)
      • container2
        • container (rectangle)
      • button1
      • button2


      My library symbols:


      • Symbol_1
      • Symbol_2
      • Symbol_3
      • Symbol_4
      • Symbol_5


      I want to be able to click button 1, and replace the container1>container with container1>Symbol2 and then play the animation associated with container1


      Can anyone advise me on this?