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    Saving CS6 thumbnails as spreads?


      Hi all, we're currently using CS3 (yes I know, how old).


      We did upgrade to CS5 but went back due to one very important feature. It never allowed us to save thumbnail previews as spreads like indesign 3.


      See below.


      In Adobe Bridge all staff could see all pages. You could see every page of a 100 page publication in one window.


      We work in spreads because a lot of our text flows from one page to another. Using single pages is not an option.


      In CS5 it would only save as a single page thumbnail, and the second page was hidden from view.


      Does anyone know if you can save thumbnail previews as spreads in CS6?


      Or has anyone else has a simular problem? And how did you resolve your workflow to accomodate the change.