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    DeNoiser issue: loud noise at the beginning of clips, only after export, please help!


      Hi all,

      I'm having some hard time with Adobe Premiere CS6.


      I have my clips on the timeline, I applied the standard denoiser filter (no plugin) to them. If I play my sequence from Premiere it sounds great.  When I export them, it doesn't matter with which compression / format / codec or any other option, after every single cut I can hear for 1 second bad loud noise, and than the denoiser starts and it sounds ok.


      I tried to remove transitions so that THERE ARE NO AUDIO TRANSITIONS ANYMORE, I checked that the cuts are not starting from the very beginning of the clips, I even tried to remove and add back the filter.

      Nothing has worked from inside Premiere.


      Odd enough, I have another sequence with the same settings that doesn't have this problem.  If I edit my audio clips from Adobe Audition, bring it back to Premiere and than export, the problem is solved.


      Does anybody have an idea what is going on?  This is the first time I edited a huge project with it, and I'm in trouble.  I tried to Google for this issue and I couldn't find anything.  I still wish I can avoid to bring manually 600 cuts to Adobe Audition and remove the noise from them one by one….maybe I've just checked for mistake the wrong setting.. I don't know!


      Every help is really welcomed!