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    Linking Multiple Dropdown Lists

    nmbrown Level 1

      I have a form with multiple dropdown lists for a person's full name, room number, and phone numbers.  There are 12 names; 2 rooms; and 8 phone numbers listed.  More than one name can be tied to a certain phone number.  All fields are required.  I tried to use another script for the name and phone number (see below), but it did not work for me.


      Attempted script:


      var one = this.getField('Name');

      var two = this.getField('Number');

      if (one.value == 'Jane Doe') {two.value='321-123-4567' }

      if (one.value == 'Johnny See') {two.value='999-345-6789' }

      if (one.value == ' ') {two.value=' ' }



      Requester's Name (Dropdown List - 12 choices)Room (Dropdown List - 2 choices)Phone Number (Dropdown List - 8 choices)
      Jane Doe238C321-123-4567
      Johnny See999999-345-6789


      Even though I do not know Javascript, if someone could get me started as far as the coding goes, I think I may to figure out other parts.


      Thanks, N