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    Recommended service provider/s?


      ... for getting epub and mobi starting with InDesign (also use for print book).




      We have the following (requirements):


      • About 6 (technical) books (containing a variety of formatting – primarily paragraphs and chapters but also a significant  number of flowcharts, formulae and tables) which would be updated/republished annually


      • Need to support iPad, Android and Kindle devices – we aim to do so via Epub and Mobi


      • We will host/sell the output directly from our own website and can do this without external help (no Amazon or Apple)


      • Will continue to use the InDesign files to also create PDF, as another online format, and also as the basis for the print publication. It is important to us to get as close to a single sourcing solution as possible (to minimise the amount of tweaking required after output from InDesign)


      • The publications are well defined by styles within InDesign


      • We are in Sydney, Australia (no particular need to deal with somebody in Australia though)


      • We currently have no requirement for any DRM. 


      Many thanks for any advice