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    Taking A Design as PNG into Dreamweaver to Make The Website?


      Hi All,


      I am currently doing a Foundation Degree in ICT and as one of the Modules is Web Design and Development, we were tasked for two assignments. The first was to design the website in Fireworks CS6 and save it as a PNG, which I've done and submitted.


      However, we now have to take that design and develop the website. This is where I'm unsure of my next move, as I've used a CMS extensively in the past, namely Joomla but never created a website from scratch and it's great.


      Can anybody share a good resource or possibly offer me bullet point steps of what I now need to do, to go from my completed PNG design and getting it to the point where I can insert everything in Dreamweaver CS6. I can use dreamweaver no problem, it's just learning this new way for me of desiging in FW before importing all the sliced up image(s) in to DW.


      Any guidance, good resources or help videos that will help me with the above would be very much appreciated indeed.