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    Mac Premiere Elements 11 crashes on launch (network account only)

    Erik _ Bailey Level 1

      I am trying to use Mac Premiere Elements 11 (OS X 10.8) and it crashes every time on launch, but only for a network account. When I launch using a local administrator user, it works fine. How can I make it work for the network account?


      I have already tried ensuring Read/Write permissions on my entire Home folder, and have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times.


      If it matters, the Home folders are on an external disk. The network account is set to be an administrator on the computer (this particular Mac is the Open Directory server, so it's a network user directly on the directory server).


      No other application (including Photoshop Elements 11) has any issues at all.


      If it is helpful, I can post the (huge) stack trace of the crash. Thank you... --Erik Bailey