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    The order of topics in the Project Manager is not reflected when creating a PDF for review.

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      Can't seem to find an answer to this in the forums...


      Using RH10.

      In the Project Manager pod is a default 'Project Files' folder.

      Within that I have a 'Topics' folder in which my topic files reside.

      Under the View menu, I have selected 'By Topic Title'. I understand that this displays the topics by their title as opposed to their file name. I understand that this is a display toggle only, and has no relation to the order of the topics - the alternative toggle is 'By File Name'.


      Notice in the image below, my topics are displayed by topic title, but aren't in alphabetical order. ...yet.



      There's a button at the top of this window for changing the sort order to 'Sort by Name', which has the result below.


      Ok, so now the topics are displayed by topic title, and in alphabetical order.


      Question 1: If that button toggles the view to display topics in 'alphabetical order', what on earth is the other order called? It's certainly not in order of file name, as I've checked a bunch of the topic filenames, and can't see any pattern/order to the this structure.


      Question 2: When I go to create a PDF for review (via Review > Create PDF for Review), the window that appears displays all the topics available to me to select for review. However, they're displayed in this other 'odd' sort order instead of 'alphabetical' order. The Help menu says that this window reflects the order of topics as it finds them in the Project Manager. However, what seems to be actually happening is it's displaying the topics based on the view you have selected under the View menu (i.e. either 'View by Topic Title' or 'View by File Name'), and regardless of which view toggle you have selected, the order of the topics is only ever this 'odd' sort order. In other words, in the 'Create PDF for Review' window, it appears I can never see the topic list in alphabetical order. Furthermore, it appears that the only way I can resolve this is to go back into the Project Manager, switch to 'odd' sort order, and manually drag all the topics into alphabetical order. ...I have hundreds of topics.


      Is there some way I can quickly change this 'odd' sort order to 'alphabetical'? There must be some underlying file with this order of topics in it (hopefully).


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I don't have an immediate answer for Question 2, but for Question 1, the topic order is "User Defined" as you are able to click and drag topics to create any arrangement that suits you. This was something added as a result of user feedback. Enough users asked Adobe to allow them to arrange topics this way that they made it a reality. The logic escapes me as I'm a user that normally expects software to list things in either ascending or descending alphabetical order.


          Perhaps Peter will pop in with a nice explanation of the PDF for Review sorting and Adobe's logic behind it.


          Cheers... Rick