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    cannot download Adobe reader. What is error cod 150105?


      I have a very old laptop. It runs windows XP-32, with Service Pack 3 loaded on it (and those are the only numbers I know connected to my computer).  I run Flashplayer 11 and Java 7.11 on it.  my Internet connection is Internet explorer. It cannot run chrome without crashing and firefox runs very slow. I have the standard Windows essentials anti-virus and firewall. IT does not have a Wi-Fi card in it and only 2 USB ports, which are both first generation and so have a slow data transfer rates.

                     I do run disk cleanup and defrag often as well as the anti-virus after each Internet session.


      That should give you an idea of the specs on my poor old laptop.


      Now to the problem:

           I cannot download and install any version of Adobe reader.  I have gone back all the way to Adobe Reader 6 and still get the same message.

                "Adobe Reader cannot compete its installation. please refer to the minimum system requirements.

                Go to adobe.com/go/reader_system_regs. Error code 150105."


      I could not access that webpage. I cannot find that error code.


      Funny thing is, one of my electronic devices I bought came with Adobe Reader 7 on a CD-rom, and that installed just fine But it won't download the upgrades.


      I am at a loss. I need a PDF reader.


      What is going on with my poor computer?

      What do I need to do to my computer to allow me to download  and install Adobe Reader XI?