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    Mouseover, Mouseout and clic


      Hello everyone!

      first post!

      n00b at this


      Im having this big problem with an image that i set a mouseover and mouseout action


      In mouseover this goes to a keyframe with a loop so i have



      this loop is 1sec long wich have at the end a Trigger with a "Play from" action



      so when the mouse is over this image a 1 second animation loop apears on screen




      MouseOut action have a "Stop at" action




      im not having problems with this... now i was thinking to put a "Click"-"Play from" action to the same image



      but when i click the image nothing happens.... it just blinks like if its going to start the animation on "anim01" label...

      i know this is because the mouse stills OVER the image WICH HAVE A mouseover "play from" action so "loop1" starts over and this dont let me get to the "anim01" animation


      sorry about my bad english...

      Greetings from El Salvador!