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    Encore - Slideshow decoder

    Mike Tennessee

      Make: HP

      OS: Windows 7

      Encore CS 6


      While trying to build a simple slideshow, Encore is giving me the following error during build: "The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system.  Installing the cor ... "


      1. I am new to Encore, so obvious mistakes are possible.
      2. I have read other forum entries instructing to reduce all images below 4000 pixels.  I have done so.
      3. I have read other forum entries instructing to update QT and the H.264 (or something) codec.  I have done so.
      4. I have read to reduce images to 720x480 pixels.  I haven't tried this yet, but really?  This is 15th Century Art to be displayed on a 50 inch plasma.  Prefer the high res.
      5. I made a similar slideshow in Microsoft Movie Maker but with only 30 high res images (with music), and it used the entire DVD.  In Encore, I am using over 100 high res images, and it estimates I will only use 370 MB??


      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you making a DVD or Bluray? If DVD, the resolution will be 720X480. Encore may not downrez the material as well as other options. Yes, one reason to use higher resolution images is for transitions added in Encore.


          What are your default transcode settings in the Encore project?


          Edit: What format are the slides?

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            Mike Tennessee Level 1



            Making a DVD. 


            Default transcode settings are:


            • MPEG-2; 720-480; Frame Rate 29.97; Lowers Fields First


            I have also:


            1. Changed all slides to TIFF.  no help
            2. Subracted the music from the slideshow.  No help
            3. Re-installed Encore.  No help
            4. Downloaded all the latest codecs.  No help
            5. Reduced all images below 720x480.  No help and it looks like crud.