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    sort of premiere/encore question

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      so a colleague has handed over a premiere project he did that i need to do some minor adjustments, and then export to put to do me encore magic. i have cs5.5, he used cs6. i downloaded the trial of PrPro for cs6 just to make the adjustments, index chapters, and export the thing out, because pr5.5 won't open it.


      so is this a known bug/issue? i have the chapters set up in premiere, i set up the bit rate for export, i export the project out to disc appropriate codec, import as timeline in encore, and it  says "some of the chapters points are not correct. you suck. blah blah blah" and none of the chapters show up??? just as a test, i open a new project, new sequence, do a color bar test screen for 90 seconds, export out as h.264 bd, mpeg bd, and mpeg dvd, with 3 chapter points, import into encore as timeline, no chapters at all. do the same thing in my cs5.5, works perfect. back to cs6. no chapters.


      what the heck?


      short of exporting as a lossless intermediate, import into premiere cs5.5 and rechapter (without having any of the chapter cues he added with cuts or markers mind you).... is there something i am missing? i'm no 'newb' to how encore works. or premiere. its simple. hit the disc icon on the Pr timeline, chapter is added. export as disc assett, import into encore. the chapter is there. its not rocket science. same process i have done for 4 years now....