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    html coding question



      i realized i had sent out a link to a page that is locked with a password. sorry bout that. i have created a password so you can check the page...

      (username: ISmith, password: adobe) am having a problem with one of my customised templates on my bc site. i created the templates myself but i'm not very html savy, and when i created a special template for an audio page and put up a audio player on one of the pages, for some reason it throws off the header area (menu and sub-menu) when putting in the script in the <head> area in the temp. code. it also changes the position of the menu and the size of the text below the logo centered at the top.

      see http://www.littlefolkies.com/Listen.

      if you click on one of the submenu items (make-ups, songs, lyrics) you can see what the menu is supposed to look like

      but for some reason on the songs page (see http://www.littlefolkies.com/Listen) the menu looks  different.

      below i have pasted the template code...



      hope you can help!


      thanks so much,