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    Serious calibration issues


      Hi there, I really want to invest in the Web and Design Premium for use in my classes but having tried the trials I found a major issue. I have linked a youtube video to showing what's happening. When using the pen, I experience major calibration issues when the pen contacts the screen while it's already moving. Holding the pen on the screen before moving it will solve the calibration at the cost of losing pressure sensitivity. My machine is a Fujitsu T902 running Windows 8. I have tried everything I could find on different forums and have come to the conclusion that it is likely a problem with Photoshop's or the Wacom driver's compatibility with Windows 8. Other programs such as GIMP work fine. I have tried Illustrator as well and it works fine.




      This second video is from another person using the same machine, the difference is he had Windows 7 installed and Upgraded to Windows 8 while my machine had Windows 8 installed from the factory.