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    Edge Is Corrupting Files

    PEPPERFACE Level 1



      Since downloading the latest update of Edge (v 1.5) any files that I open get corrupted.


      Previously perfectly-working animations now don't run properly once they've been opened in Edge. The preview and the published versions of said files are corrupted inasmuch as they lack certain button function and symbol-playback facility that did previously exist.


      If I open the pre-existing, backup copies of the same animations directly via a browser (i.e. if I don't involve Edge in the process at all) then they work fine, as they always did. But any files that are opened/viewed or 'have had contact with' Edge are rendered corrupt and useless.


      I'm distraught!


      I have a whole body of work which I now cannot access and/or edit without risk of ruining it... and I can't even rebuild it all (not that I could find that kind of time anyway as it's months' worth of work) because the updated version seems to corrupt all new output, too.


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled Edge twice and also run disk utilities to repair permissions etc. I've done reboots and checked that Java et al is fully up to date and enabled.


      I'm now out of ideas and close to tears.


      Any thoughts or advice???

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          -=XX=-Nephilim Level 1

          Get PC.


          Windows version runs perfectly!


          Or try boot-camp with Windows 7...

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            PEPPERFACE Level 1

            Thanks -=XX=-Nephilim, and I wish re: getting a PC! After a good, long lot of years my love affair with Apple is well and truly over (being forced to use HTML5, with all its seemingly endless attendant problems, instead of Flash being just one case in point!)


            Meanwhile, back at the initial issue... this isn't a fix (far from it) but I've gone into Time Machine and restored the original version (i.e. the first official release) of Edge Animate. Which appears to have done the trick inasmuch as I can now open and edit existing files without them becoming corrupted.


            Sadly, though, I'll be steering well clear, and will be extremely wary of, any updates to the software in case I end up with a repeat of the kind of frantic worry and genuinely catastrophic loss of work time that I've recently experienced.


            I will, however, be keenly looking out for good reviews regarding stability/reliability etc. I do know and appreciate how much work the Edge Animate team and all its supporters are putting in. I'm certain it'll get there. x x

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              -=XX=-Nephilim Level 1

              I feel with you tottaly...


              Was super-long Mac user but have made a switch-back to PC just over a year ago.


              For almost half the price I got near double the power


              Plus the fact that Win7 (not sure about 8 since I haven't used it as yet) runs perfectly!


              It is trully amazing to be out of Apple prison - in both mobile and desktop sense...


              Glad you solved your issue! (kind of)


              Best of luck with everything

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, Pepperface-


                Whoah, that doesn't sound like expected behavior at all.  We work very hard to ensure that we don't have these types of problems.  Can you send me a sample of a file you're working on so that I can take a look at what's going on?





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                  PEPPERFACE Level 1

                  Hi Elaine and cheers for your response... I'm up to my eyes playing catch-up re: my lost work time at the mo' but as soon as I've got on top of things I'll bag up the stuff I was editing when the problems began to occur and get it to you to have a look at. Thanks again x

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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    Thanks, Pepperface, much appreciated.



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                      PEPPERFACE Level 1

                      Hi again Elaine,


                      Huge apols for taking so long to get back (been buried in work). Anyway, a quick update...


                      Good News

                      Having run a few tests it looks like the problem only manifests itself when one, specific animation is opened. One which consists of umpteen layers. Nearly 300, in fact... ! Said animation wasn't created by me but supplied by a client for me to add audio. Having an animation which employs so many layers is very definitely not a method of compilation I'd personally favour, preferring, instead, to create symbols where possible; so it didn't come as too much of a surprise to ultimately discover that the vast number of layers in question were almost certainly precipitating the problem.


                      As the above job was just a one-off (thankfully   ) I simply used the first version of Edge to complete that work - then I reinstalled the latest version (1.5.0) and have been running it very successfully without any glitches whatsoever for all the other stuff that I generally produce.


                      So... tiz all good.


                      Many thanks, as ever, for the fantastic work you folk're putting into all this

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                        elainecc Adobe Employee

                        Wow!  Thanks for letting me know that it was limited to that one project.





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                          Bart Van de Wiele Level 3



                          I just finished a very time consuming project and suddenly have the exact same problem! I created my file from scratch and it includes several objects with nested animations, same basic javascript snippets, etc... And for some strange reason all my interactivity is just gone, both in Edge and in the preview... It seems to have happend after publishing and then republishing the project to HTML.


                          My system:

                          Mac OSX 10.8.3

                          Edge Animate CC version


                          Here are a few symptoms:


                          Edge behaviour

                          - all actions, javascript, symbols and animations are still in the file, the code is there, the actions are there, triggers, labels, correct naming, clean file ...

                          - the preview in edge works fine (I mean in the program)

                          - it is NOT possible anymore to just click and select objects, for some reason you have to click and drag. Also, the cursor doesn't change when you hover over objects, so you keep seeing the black arrow all the time


                          Preview in browser behaviour (both in local preview as published html)

                          - Animations that autoplay in symbols do play when you launch the preview

                          - ALL interactive buttons linking to a regular URL or symbols don't work anymore. Not even the mouse cursor changes to the click hand when hovering over a URL, it's all static. So not buttons what so ever.

                          - Very strange, but it isn't even possible to select HTML text in the browser, again the mouse cursor doesn't change to the text select cursor



                          I tried resaving my file, a different computer, creating a new file and pasting in these objects, nothing works. I just lost so many hours of work and there seems to be nothing I can do about it.



                          I can send over the files if needed.


                          Really hope I can get through this soon!



                          Thank you

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                            elainecc Adobe Employee

                            Hey, Bart-


                            Can you ZIP up your entire project folder and upload it to a sharing site like the Creative Cloud, Adobe SendNow, Dropbox, or Google Drive?  I'd like to take a look at it.  You can either post the link to the forums or to me in a private message.  I can take a look at it today if it makes it to me by 3pm PDT (-7 GMT/UTC).  Otherwise, I'll be looking at it on Wednesday next week, as it's a holiday in the US next week.





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