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    Flash Builder 4.7 instability

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      Hi there,


      First off, god do I hate FB4.7! How could you possible release an application that is obviously in beta stage?


      This piece of (insert curse word of your preferrence) FB4.7 constantly shows error messages (very helpful and descriptive ones like "An error occured"), I'm unable to save documents (FB throughs java nullpointer exceptions) and overall just isn't stable, not to mention the complete application freezes which are 100% reproducable.


      Is there a place to report bugs and post logs? I haven't found a FB jira.

      I've said in in another thread already, if it wasn't for the iOS simulator support I'd be using 4.6 again cause these drastic stability issues of 4.7 are a real PITA!


      Are there any updates due for FB4.7? After two years of using Flash Builder, Adobe Updater hasn't found a single incremental update for FB.

      Adobe, there's only two options for software, either release a stable and good working product that gets some love from your developers or don't do it at all. There is no inbetween. Sure, the update was for free so what do I have to complain about you might say, well if you don't have a previous license for FB you're basically getting completely ripped of with this new version.


      Sorry, had to get it out. So, please show me where to report those bugs so that Adobe will hopefully get their arses up and fix them asap.

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          I totally agree with you.

          It seems something is wrong with the java virtual machine, i think. I keep receiving java null pointers and all kind of java false errors (errors that do not really exist) when I try to export the project.

          This doesnt happen always. Even without making any changes, I receive different errors when exporting and sometimes it works! This is even more frsutrating as you know theres no problem with your code, and dont know exactly what to do.

          I tried upgrading to AIR 3.6, but its obvious the problem is not with AIR but with FB/Java.

          Ill keep using FB 4.7 as its far better that 4.6 in several ways (Confratulations, adobe for that), and only fails when exporting (debug and run works ok). When I need to export for the app store, I do it via command line using adt and it works fine (again confirming the problem is not with AIR).


          If anyone from ADOBE is reading, It would be nice to get this fix, please, but MORE MORE IMPORTANT: a very simple way to update/u`grade flash builder, flex sdk and AIR sdk. This is crucial. Something similar to the way FLASH CS6 resolve the AIR updates. Its awesome in my opinion.

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            Yes, the issues are 100% related to Flash Builder, not AIR.

            Making a proper release build fails as well for my current project (see this thread I've opened as well http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1144306?tstart=0). I couldn't fix it yet.


            Totally agree with the AIR update mechanism, which is completely pathetic, especially on OS X where you can't just overwrite folders like on Windows.


            Seems as if Adobe is totally focussed on the Creative Cloud (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78yigV0GYGQ&feature=player_embedded#!), so I'm not sure how soon FB4.7 will get any love, if ever!


            FD or intellyJ look better every day I have to wrestle with this seriously flawed FB.

            There's only one thing that is for sure, if we need a new developer seat for Actionscript related work, we sure ain't buying another FB license! Not till the aforementioned issues have been resolved! 500+ quid for a flawed software that constantly crashes and fails do deliver, yeah right, ain't gonna happen Adobe!


            I jsut hope that any other AS3 developer spreads the word about FB4.7 just as I do. Hopefully htat will make Adobe pull their heads our of their bums! Sorry to be rude, but it really is just frustrating.

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              Speaking of instability/bugs - have you run into this yet?