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    Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and Audition 3

    alanst2 Level 1

      I am currently running Premier Pro CS6 and Audition 3. I recently needed to edit some audio, from the timeline, in Audition 3. There were three tracks of audio from Premier to be mixed and edited. I selected "Edit in Adobe Audition" and all seem to be going well. Premier created a directory called Audition Interchange which contained all of the relevant audio files, plus a few other things. However, in the export panel in Premier the "Open in Adobe Audition" was greyed out and not selectable.



      Switching to Audition, I expected to find all of the audio files in the Edit View, which I did. I also expected to find a timeline representation of the audio files in the relevant places in Multitrack view. This was not present.



      Should it have been possible to select "Open in Audition"? Am I wrong to expect to see a Multitrack of the audio from the timeline with its various tracks shown? Or will this facility not work until I update to Audition CS6, to match Premier Pro?

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          Alan Craven Level 4

          You could certainly "Open in Audition"  CS3 with Premiere CS5 and CS5.5, but as I recall it was limited to either a single clip or a sequence?


          Where the "Open in Audition" does not work is with an Audition version number lower than the Premiere version.

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            Sal Spring

            I presume you do mean Au3 and not AU CS3.


            Many audio buffs still go back to Au3 for some operations, and there is a way in Au3 to use the Audition Interchange files created by Pr CS6, although it is a little more trouble. After completing the Edit in Audition operation for the Pr sequence, go to Au3, open a multitrack view, and then point File/Import at the appropriate Interchange folder to see the extracted files.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              The feature you're looking for, the back and forth between PP and AU,  will likely require Audition from CS6.

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                alanst2 Level 1

                Thank you for all of your suggestions. all helpful.


                Sal: yes, I do mean Au3. I'll have another go at importing and see what happens.


                Jim: That was what I feared! I'd better start saving


                Many thanks folks.

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                  Sal Spring Level 1

                  After importing the audio and video files into Au3 from the Interchange folder, the hard part is to synch them up in the multitrack window. I tried using clip markers, but they don't seem to transport, so I manually match the positions of the clips in the Pr timeline.


                  If you are all done editing the video in Pr, be sure to check the export video box in Pr and import the rendered avi file into Au3 along with the audio, because Au3 has a feature that the later Au versions do not yet have, the ability to export to video with the edited audio. This operation uses the rendered avi file as is, adds the edited audio, and saves a round trip back to Pr.