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    http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver.html is not reachable with FireFox (18.0.2 on Win7 Pro)

    Luffy_D_Monkey Level 1

      Oh dear, oh dear, I'm really annoyed by that.


      One - adobe.com website has become a real mess, generally.

      Two - it is not possible to access http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver.html with Firefox (and no, there is no problem with my firefox)

      Three - I'm cool with Google Chrome, and when a website I create works perfectly on it, I'm happy. But I do test also what I do with IE, Safari (beeeerk!), Opera and Firefox.

      Four - I strongly suggest step Three to be more considered as mandatory by the people in charge of thta particular part of the website.


      Sincerely yours, really-really-not-happy-customer-partner-Luffy.