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    How to generate an indesign-based document with updated data from a database

    Steve Griffin1

      We are using Indesign and EasyCatalog to create documents.  In this case, sales support documents.  Easy catalog provides the data into Indesign.  As a normal course of business,  multiple areas within the business can change data elements in the source databases.  Hence, keeping up to date support documents for sales is a workflow challenge.


      I need sales reps to be able to print a new sales support document and have that document represent the latest data that comes from the databases that easycatalog has inserted into the indesign file.


      I don't want to buy licenses for indesign and train sales staff to use indesign.  I also don't want to have sales support staff have to manually check or be notified if someone else makes a change to data.


      So, ideally, I would either

      - regenerate the sales support literature on a daily basis in electronic format for sales staff to download and print, or

      - (Preferred) sales reps print the document and in that process new data is inserted.


      How can I achieve either of these options, or is there another approach?